TLP House

The Transitional Living Program is designed for motivated youth in foster care who are ready to work toward independence. They will receive the support, training, and encouragement needed to successfully start life on their own.

The Transitional Living Program has three phases: Phase 1 is the "Introductory", Phase 2 is the "Transitional", and Phase 3 is the "Independent".

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TLP Phase 1

Phase 1 is designed to be a time for students to become acclimated to our program. It is a time for the staff to get to know the students and help to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Phase 1 helps students to identify goals and begin working on their independence. Phase 1 usually takes about 30 days to complete. However, it could be longer or shorter depending on the determination and commitment of each student.

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TLP Phase 2

Phase 2 is designed to provide the structure that each student needs to work toward his/her independence. During this phase, students work on important tasks such as keeping the job they have been hired for, saving toward and purchasing their own vehicle, paying a monthly cell phone bill, etc. Students will exhibit stability by showing that they can continue to meet expectations for an extended period of time.

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TLP Phase 3

Phase 3 is designed for students that are ready to live on their own with minimal supervision. These students will continue to receive life skills coaching, but they are expected to meet behavioral requirements without direct parental interference. They will begin to pay for more of their own needs such as household items and groceries.

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