The Ranch

Second Chance Youth Ranch is a Faith-based program designed for youth in foster care who are needing a safe, stable, homelike environment. Students attend a local church, teen programs and summer camps. They are encouraged by house parents and staff to apply spiritual growth principles in their daily lives. Youth who come to Second Chance Youth Ranch will receive therapeutic services to help them heal from past traumas according to what they have been subjected to.

Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities

Ranch Bunkhouse

Second Chance Ranch is an authentic experience designed to help youth find themselves and families discover their children—restoring the individual and reunifying the individual and family.

Based on a group home model, all residents live in a “bunk house” with other youth and their live-in-house parents. To foster consistency, trust and relationship, each bunk house is assigned one set of house parents—creating the most stable home like environment possible. In addition, each bunk house has an assigned set of relief house parents. Frequently for the youth we serve “home” has been a chaotic, uncertain place. At Second Chance Ranch our youth not only know who their care giver is but are assured their care giver will be there tomorrow. This team approach also extends to our support staff with each bunk house being assigned a social worker/therapist, case manager, and volunteer mentor. This staff forms the core clinical team working with the youth and family.


Ranch Bunkhouse

Each bunk house is encouraged to develop its own identity. Learning to co-exist with your bunk mates, house parents, counselors, social workers, workmen, teachers, and other staff as a team to accomplish tasks and goals are life lessons in how to resolve interpersonal conflicts at home, school, and aboard. In addition, a sense of community is developed as the bunk house residents have “town hall” meetings to identify group goals to support local communities through service projects.

Our philosophy is that day to day activities (i.e., chores, recreation, school, peer interactions, “family” interactions, etc.) can and are a means of effecting change in a young person’s life teaching discipline, personal worth, confidence, service, respect, dignity, integrity, and a strong work ethic. At Second Chance Ranch the youth is taught that challenges are no longer obstacles, but stepping stones to achievement.

Second Chance Youth Ranch maintains that working with the family is the most important aspect of working with abused, neglected, and at risk youth. Services for the family include: parent support groups, intensive family therapy weekly, limited case management for parents/guardians, referral services, experiential/adventure therapies, family weekends, and structured home visits with clinical support. Most youth want to return to their families and their families want them home. However, many youth cycle in and out of programs/facilities with few resources dedicated to solving crisis in the family. Identifying, engaging and working with the family system is the cornerstone of our clinical program and critical in reducing recidivism.

Our Hope!

Although our focus is to help restore families, we recognize that some children will never be able to return home. Those children for whom parental rights have been terminated and adoption is not a viable option, Second Chance Ranch hopes to provide a permanent home. By virtue of needing an out of home placement, all residents of Second Chance Ranch are considered viable candidates for out patient mental health and supportive services. The scope of services required varies based on the individualized needs of each resident. In addition to therapeutic group home living, available services are: individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, parent education/support groups, behavior management, case management, adventure programs, residential activities, educational/tutoring labs, social skills training, spiritual counsel, and medication management.

Second Chance Ranch is actively seeking to partner with a variety of agencies and community services organizations to better connect the youth we serve with their families and their families with the communities in which they live. Developing community based coalitions improves our ability to address systemic issues affecting the family.

Second Chance Ranch has access to Bryant public schools. Each youth is assessed for the most appropriate academic environment to best meet the unique educational needs of each student. Bryant school district boasts student achievement scores surpassing state averages and offer many extracurricular activities/opportunities.

Second Chance Ranch is a licensed residential child care facility through the Arkansas Department of Human Services. Current capacity is 21 youth in residential group homes and Age ranges may be from 10 to twenty-one; however, Second Chance Ranch will always group youth together by developmental appropriateness.

When the youth leaves Second Chance Ranch, our staff will actively coordinate aftercare services with our patient providers, school, courts, et cetera to ensure a smooth transition back to home, school, and the community.

Blending traditional values with modern therapeutic techniques, Second Chance Ranch provides a caring home for youth facing difficult situations and choices.