Her Story

“All I remember is holding back tears as the DHS truck pulled me away from my home and my mom. I hated everything, and for some reason at that little moment I no longer wanted to live.

My brothers were gone and now it was my turn. I’m thirteen and that was four years ago. My parents lost parental custody on September 20, 2010. The look on my mom’s face was more than a kid my age could handle. I guess Dad couldn’t really comprehend it, so he stood up and left. My brothers were in the play room.

I told the judge I didn’t want them there. Dad was already gone by the time we were in the parking lot. The boys, Mom and me all held hands. Mom was fighting tears and the boys had no idea what was going on. At that moment, we couldn’t find it in our hearts to tell them that their parents just lost them and they were never going to get to see them again.

My brothers are my life now. I get to see them once a week. My dad taught me that only babies cry, so I try to hide my sadness around other people. Growing up, my parents wanted me to be a tomboy. I just want to be me, not what other people wanted me to be. On my tenth birthday, mom left to go live a new life in Texas. Dad, the boys and me lost the house, sold the farm animals and moved into a trailer.

The one thing I really regret is not being thankful for what I had. Now that it is gone, I have to learn to be thankful for what I have at this moment.”

-13 year old girl From Second Chance Ranch

Too many children in Arkansas have lost their parents, siblings and homes through no fault of their own. Here at Second Chance Youth Ranch, we are helping them heal.