Second Chance Ranch exists to provide abused, neglected, and at-risk youth a caring home while actively working to resolve crises in the youth’s life, restoring the individual and reunifying the family.


PO Box 901
Bryant, AR 72089

fax 501.594.5244

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In providing a place for the restoration of youth and their families, Second Chance Ranch is providing a haven of hope and new possibilities. Under the supervision of caring, highly trained professionals, and volunteers, fractured families and troubled youth are given the guidance and tools needed to reconstruct their lives. The residents of Second Chance Ranch have the opportunity to develop physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually -- reaching for their potential as they learn to manage the stresses of their lives.

A Haven Of  Hope ...

Quite literally Second Chance Ranch is set apart. Tucked quietly away in the woods and hills of Central Arkansas, the character of Second Chance Ranch is that of an antiquated western town. The old world charm, enhanced by particular attention to detail in construction and décor, lends itself to the feeling of a more peaceful, purposeful time. For youth who have been crushed by world experiences, Second Chance Ranch is a welcomed opportunity to retreat, regroup and re-engage life in a meaningful manner.

A World Apart ...

Despite the distance of a bygone era, Second Chance Ranch is in the backyard of Arkansas’s state capital. Less than an hour from downtown Little Rock, and all the conveniences that affords, Second Chance Ranch is readily accessible. Although serving youth throughout the state of Arkansas, Second Chance Ranch is in the heart of a focused geographic service area. Rarely more than 2 hours away from the families and communities of the youth we serve, Second Chance Ranch is their next-door neighbor.

Right Next Door.

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