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Second Chance Youth Ranch Volunteer Opportunities

Are you interested in helping out Second Chance Ranch students in a direct, “hands on” way? There are lots of things you can do to get involved! Here are a few ideas…

  • Serve as a mentor to students (requires background checks and application)
  • “Babysit” a bunkhouse (requires background checks and application)
  • Teach a group of students a new hobby or skill (woodworking, cooking, scrapbooking, etc)
  • Provide a meal to a bunkhouse (give houseparents a break from cooking
  • Assist in a shopping outing (bunkhouses go clothing shopping once per month)
  • Host an outing (fishing trip, picnic, cookout, movie theater, dinner at a restaurant, etc)
  • Help with homework
  • Transport individual students to/from activities (requires background checks and application)

How about helping out with some of the day to day work around the Ranch? There are lots of ongoing projects through out the year that you can lend a hand in. Here are a few ideas…

  • Gardening/pulling weeds (Spring/early Summer)
  • Mowing/weed eating
  • Indoor deep cleaning
  • Hanging/removing Christmas lights (winter)
  • Wrapping Christmas gifts (Christmas Season)
  • Building repairs
  • Paint projects
  • Hiking trail maintenance
  • Chopping fire wood
  • Vehicle washing, waxing, and upkeep

Have an idea of your own? That’s fine too! Thank you so much for your interest in serving at Second Chance Youth Ranch!

Click the button to contact us about your desire to volunteer: Volunteer

Ranch Photos

  • Ranch Bank and Chapel
  • Ranch Chapel
  • Ranch General Store
  • Ranch Bunkhouse
  • Ranch House Interior
  • Ranch House Interior
  • Ranch House Interior
  • Ranch Games
  • Ranch Director's House
  • Ranch Bunkhouse
  • Ranch Staff Meeting
  • Ranch Dining Hall Kitchen
  • Ranch Dining Hall
  • Ranch Bunkhouse
  • Ranch Games
  • Ranch Bunkhouse
  • Ranch Class Room
  • Ranch Wagon
  • Ranch Bank and Chapel
  • Ranch Chapel

Our Kids

The Stories

Lacie's Testimony

Paula's Testimony

In Their Words...

“Y'all are my family and I love ya’ll. Ya’ll are more than I could ever ask for; you loved me when I was unlovable.”

-17 yr old student, Second Chance Ranch

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Her Story

All I remember is holding back tears as the DHS truck pulled me away from my home and my mom. I hated everything, and for some reason at that little moment I no longer wanted to live. My brothers were gone

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